FAQs about the ShopMaster Shut Down

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ShopMaster will be shut down on 30th April 2021, to help you know more details, here is a list of common questions you may want to know.

1. Will all of my active products in my store be removed after ShopMaster Shut down?
No, the active products in your store will not be affected after ShopMaster shut down, but all the supplier information will be removed after ShopMaster shut down.

2. How can I process my orders?
You can still auto-purchase orders through ShopMaster before 9th April. After that, you can purchase orders manually or through other tools.
Also, for the purchased orders, ShopMaster will still sync the tracking info from your supplier and upload it to your store automatically.

3. Are there any other recommended tools I can migrate to?
You can check other dropshippers' suggestions in our Facebook Group.
For Shopify, you can find other dropshipping tools in Shopify App Store.

4. How can I export the supplier information from ShopMaster?
You can contact ShopMaster support if you want to export the supplier information by email: support@shopmaster.com

5. How can I export my orders from ShopMaster?
You can go to ShopMaster All Orders, select the date, then click the Export button.
FAQs about the ShopMaster Shut Down - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution

6. Can I pay for ShopMaster to continue to use ShopMaster service?
No, ShopMaster will not charge you from today, the charge and donation from other links are nothing to do with ShopMaster. Please don't pay for other services that may be fraudulent.


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