What are the benefits of joining the AliExpress dropshipper?

Created on 09-18-2018 09:35 - Updated on 10-25-2018 01:38
Topic : This article will tell you what are the benefits of joining the AliExpress dropshipper program.
AliExpress released the Dropshipper program on September 2018, and ShopMaster is proud to be the first official dropshipping partner of AliExpress.
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5 benefits of joining the AliExpress dropshipper
01 Import products smoothly
After joining the AliExpress dropshipper and connect your AliExpress account to ShopMaster, you can import products as many as you need. And you can also to specify which warehouse you are preferred to import.

02 More accurate monitor
ShopMaster will monitor the price and inventory thru AliExpress official API, that's will be more accurate to get the price and inventory than scrapping from the webpage.

03 Purchase orders
Forget the Chrome extension, you can purchase orders on ShopMaster from start to end, then check out all unpaid orders on AliExprss at once.
04 Auto-sync tracking numbers
Now, ShopMaster could sync all your AliExpress orders' tracking numbers without any clicks. Sit back and wait for the sync to be completed.

05 Products Recommendations
AliExpress will recommend dropshipping products to you based on your importing and purchasing history.

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