Place AliExpress orders by using ShopMaster automatically

Updated on 01-22-2019 09:35
Topic: You will learn about how to place AliExpress orders by using ShopMaster Chrome extension by one click.

After you receive an order containing products imported from Aliexpress using ShopMaster, you have to purchase these products on to be sent to your customer.
In order to process your orders automatically, there are two ways to place your order automatically.

Full-auto: Place AliExpress orders by using official API 

Step 1
Go to Settings > Manage Suppliers, you will see the page as below. You need to join the AliExpress Dropshipper program first by clicking "Connect" and "Join Now" to continue.

Step 2
Agree to the AliExpress dropshipping business agreement then click the "Submit" button.

Step 3
After joining the Dropshipper program, back to ShopMaster and connect your AliExpress account to ShopMaster to enable the purchase order feature, click " Joined, go to connect  " to continue. Then click "Authorize".

Step 4
Now you can go to Order > Ready to Ship find an order which the supplier is AliExpress, click the "Purchase" button, then click "AliExpress" to place the order. 

Step 5
Then you can choose a suitable shipping method.
If you want to set a default shipping method, you can go to Dropship Settings > Auto Order Settings to set it.

Step 6
After choosing a shipping method, ShopMaster will fill out the customer's address automatically.
If there is anything wrong with the address, you are required to modify it manually. 

Step 7
After that, the order will be placed, you can click Checkout on AliExpress to complete the payment on AliExpress.

You can click the button Sync Details to sync the order details from AliExpress anytime.

Semi-auto: Place orders by using Chrome extension of ShopMaster

When you receive an order, it has to appear on Orders page.

ShopMaster support to order products automatically for the products imported and published using ShopMaster, so that we can order products according to the supplier's URL.

The Purchase button next to the order indicates that the products can be ordered automatically.

To start the ordering process, simply click on the "Purchase " button, even if the order contains items from different suppliers, it still works. The "Supplier Order" means the AliExpress Order Number, you can add it manually. Also, it will be added by ShopMaster when you finish the order. You can click on it to check your order detail in AliExpress.
Place AliExpress orders by using ShopMaster automatically
You will be directed to the AliExpress website, where items will be added to a shopping cart automatically. You will be asked to log into your AliExpress account. If you don't have one, create it for free. Do not place orders as a guest as you won't be able to track them later and your customer will receive a letter from AliExpress.
Auto place AliExpress order

After that, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page, where ShopMaster Chrome Extension will fill in customer's shipping information. If something is not added automatically, fill in manually. 
Auto fill AliExpress shipping address

You will only need to scroll down, add your payment card details and click on "Confirm and Pay" button. You can choose to save your CC details for future orders.
Auto place AliExpress order

After you place the order, you can see it on AliExpress > My Orders page.
AliExpress orders list

After you sync Aliexpress order or add it manually on ShopMaster, you can see there is a button "Get Tracking Number", click this button, ShopMaster will sync tracking Number for this order automatically.
Place AliExpress orders by using ShopMaster automatically

And if you have enabled the Auto Fulfillment feature on ShopMaster, the system will mark the order as shipped and update it to your store when the tracking number was pulled into ShopMaster successfully. You also can select a default shipping method here. However, if the selected method is not available, you should choose it manually. Please go to Dropship Setting > Auto Order Settings, turn it on.
Place AliExpress orders by using ShopMaster automatically

It is better to log in to your AliExpress account in another browser tab before ordering products. This way the automation process will not be disturbed. Also, make sure your AliExpress cart is empty before placing a new order.