Auto monitor the Price and Inventory from suppliers

Updated on 02-27-2019 06:44
Topic: You will know How to enable your Price and Inventory Monitor in this article.

ShopMaster Price and Inventory Monitor will monitor the changes after you importing the products from Aliexpress, eBay, Banggood (includes EU and US sites), Chinabrands, GogoMall to eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce & Wish stores.
Also, this feature can monitor the changes in the variations.


For products imported from these suppliers, monitor runs every 24 hours for changes.


Where do I enable Price and Inventory Monitor?

You can go to ShopMaster > Settings > Dropship Settings and then click the Products Monitor.
Auto monitor the Price and Inventory from suppliers

These Settings allow you to select what changes are automatically made by ShopMaster when the product or its variants disappear or the price and inventory changes.
You can click 'Monitor Logs' on the right side to view changelogs.
Auto monitor the Price and Inventory from suppliers


Inventory Monitor:

Inventory and price monitor

  • Set item quantity to 0  - When the product is out of stock on the supplier's store, automatically set the stock of products to zero.
    (If the Item is eBay Non-GTC listings, it will be ended according to eBay policy.)
  • Restock when the item available again (Active listings only) - It will automatically update your store's stock when the products available again.


For eBay store, you have to enable the Out-of-stock Option under 'S
hopMaster > Settings > Manage Channelstab to make the settings take effect.

Inventory and price monitor


Price Monitor:
Inventory and price monitor

This is a very useful setting that allows you to automatically adjust your prices. However, it only works if the price of the product is set using the "Pricing Rules". 

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