What are the Benefits of dropshipping Online with CJDropShipping Platform

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We are excited to announce that ShopMaster has integrated with CJDropShipping. CJDropShipping is one of the most reliable dropshipping agents which is the primary drop shipping partner of many of the top 100 SHOPIFY, WooCommerce, AMAZON, eBay, ETSY stores. 
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What are the Benefits of dropshipping Online with CJDropShipping Platform - ShopMaster free dropshipping solution
Benefits of dropshipping with CJDropShipping

     1. Free US warehouse inventory
USA warehouse fulfillment center to promise a fast, secure, and stable delivery to customers, the USA warehouse is free!  Items are pre-stocked can be processed the same day in the US Warehouse and ship via USPS in 2-5 days! You just need to pay the shipping cost.

     2. Sourcing any products for your dropshipping business and free
Source product as your requests with reliable quality and lower rates. CJDropShipping can source any products in China for you without any charges. Post a sourcing request to CJ APP and you will get the quotation in 24 business hours.

    3.  Cheaper price for factory direct supply goods
Cooperates with hundreds of factories. Factory direct supply goods, offering a full range of drop shipping business allows you to carry a large variety of products at a low price without the cost of warehousing them.

    4. Print on Demand with thousands of products
Sell custom design products online with Printful print-on-demand dropshipping. Thousands of printable products are supported. Both of your buyers design it and design it by yourself will be available.

    5. Professional products video and images supply
 The product needs a great video to get the message across to the audience. Amazing product images & video bring you more sales. 


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